Our Partners

Founded in 2004, Yelp is a review site that helps people find local businesses like restaurants, hair stylists, dentists and more. Reviews are written by visitors to the site, and business owners are not permitted to edit or remove any negative reviews.
Google Places reviews are written by customers who are logged into their Google+ accounts. These reviews are posted on a company’s Google Places page, and are also viewable through pop ups on Google maps.
Judy's Book
FoJudy’s Book is a Social Search site for reviews. The reviews written by our mostly family audience (moms) are placed in their books which allow their followers to quickly view recommendations and rejects from friends and family across all categories. Our sister brand KidScore is an at a glance rating of how kid friendly a place is.
Customer Lobby
Customer Lobby is a trusted publisher of verified customer reviews for local businesses in over 200 Industries. Reviews are written by actual customers of the businesses being reviewed and are collected via email, web, comment cards and phone interviews. Businesses have the opportunity to verify that reviewers are actual customers and, if they choose, respond to reviews.
The Diamond Certified® Ratings Program
Only Bay Area companies rated Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction earn Diamond Certified. Most companies can’t pass the rating, which is why earning and displaying this symbol is a unique achievement.
Multidisciplinary Research Organization
Headquartered in Novato, California, American Ratings Corporation (ARC), creators of the Diamond Certified...See More